Sell Car

Sell your car good and proper.

Selling your car can be k*k, which is why we keep things nice and simple. For any make and any model, we’ll give you a fair price guaranteed for 30 days.

We’re keen to hear more about your car and its lekker owner (you). Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you quicksticks!

Sell Car
  • 1. ABOUT YOU
Service History?

How does it work?

  • 1. Fill out the form
  • 2. Receive an offer
  • 3. Accept offer
  • 4. Final evaluation


It’s easy! Simply complete the online form here, and one of our passionate car people will get in contact with you. They will either call you or WhatsApp you – whichever you prefer. In the conversation they will ask for a few details, and you’ll receive an offer within 30 minutes following the call. No jokes!

Our pricing methodology is simple, honest, and completely transparent. The things that we take into consideration are:

  • The information about the car (the condition, such as any dents or damage)
  • Year, model and mileage
  • Service history
  • What similar cars are worth in the market

Buying your car is lekker, but meeting you is lekkerer! Once you accept the offer, we will arrange to meet with you and view your car. A final offer will then be made and discussed with you, and once that is accepted, you can say ta-ta to your car!

We’re excited to meet you - and your car! During the meeting we will confirm that all the information you supplied corresponds to the car. We will look at things like:

  • The condition of the car (physically and mechanically). Why this is important:
    • We recondition all vehicles we purchase to the standards of HeyHalfway
    • If any work is required, we will discuss this with you in detail
  • The condition of the tyres and spare keys
  • Service history books

We will then:

  • Take pictures of the inside and outside of the car
  • Run a VIN check on the vehicle
  • Take it for a test drive

All of this information then gets loaded onto our HeyHalfway platform, and a final offer is then made to you.

If you accept our initial price, we will ask for all the relevant documents at that time. When we meet, we will need copies of outstanding documents (if any).

Unless already supplied, please have the below copies ready for the HeyHalfway representative:

  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • A valid settlement letter (if applicable)

The short answer is yes.

Once we have assessed your car, it could be that the final offer differs. But should this happen, we will discuss it in detail whilst with you – that’s the benefit of an honest, transparent pricing structure. It’s important to us that you feel lekker once everything is finalised!

Again – the short answer is yes.

As much as we would like to buy any car, sometimes this is just not possible. Examples of such situations could be:

  • The settlement with the bank is too high, and you cannot pay in the balance
  • The reconditioning costs are too high
  • The vehicle fails the VIN check/validation
  • Something is not lekker with the paperwork of the car

Now you can look forward to saying ta-ta to your car the lekker way!

First, we would agree on a date that suits you - this can be immediately or on a preferred day. If immediate, payment is made and we collect the car. If on a future date, we will arrange payment and collection of the car on the agreed day.

One of our passionate car people will respond to you shortly after you’ve contacted us to ensure we have all the correct information. From there, it will take no more than 30 minutes for us to come back with an offer - no jokes!

Your RWC is your road worthy certificate.

And nope, you don’t have to worry about that. Once we buy your car, we will sort that out. How lekker?

We have four outlets in South Africa, based in Cape Town, Joburg and KZN. Based on your preference, we can either come to meet with you or you can come to one of our friendly outlets.

If you are based outside of our location, no worries! We will arrange a virtual meeting and ask you to take the necessary pictures of your car. We will send a link to your smartphone, and you simply follow the easy steps. No jokes!

In short: absolutely nothing.

We love cars, and this one focus makes us experts at buying and selling them. No jokes!

Oh yes we do! Check out for over 600 quality approved used vehicles.

If you think selling your car is lekker, try buying one!